Open Sky House
International Spiritual and Arts Communities
"At our core is a silence which never changes.
If we live from this place we are present, spontaneous, free."
(formerly Premananda)
The inspiration is to become still and be self-aware in our daily life.
These communities are amazing and successful Experiments in Conscious Living.
We are open to everybody who wants to know themselves and live consciously.
Denia, Valencia, Spain

Hitdorf, Cologne, Germany

Tripilliya, Kiev, Ukraine

En Julio del 2015 una tercera comunidad se estableció en Denia. La casa es una antigua villa situada en un amplio jardín con palmeras y con una gran piscina; el mar Mediterráneo se encuentra a 5 minutos caminando. Además muy cerca hay una agreste reserva natural de gran de belleza. Estamos entusiasmados esperando a ver como se desarrolla este proyecto.

In July 2015 a third community started in Denia. The house is a stunning old villa situated in a lush and spacious, tropical paradise with palm trees and a gigantic swimming pool only 5-min walk to the Mediterranean. Next to a big nature reserve. It is a celebration of beauty and adventure, and we are excited to see how it will grow.
Der Kern der internationalen Gemeinschaft begann spontan im Jahr 2004 um die spirituellen Lehrer John David (vormals Premananda). Über die Jahre ist hier ein starkes Energiefeld entstanden, das viele Besucher tief berührt. Aus der tiefen Stille, die in der Gemeinschaft gewachsen ist, entfaltet sich Kreativität auf ganz natürliche Weise. So bildeten sich eine Kunstgalerie und ein Verlag, ein Ort für regelmäßige Konzerte, Theater, Tanz, Musik, Mantren, Poesie und andere kreative Happenings.

The main international community began spontaneously in 2004 around the spiritual teacher John David (formerly Premananda). Over the years an amazing energy field has developed, which is deeply touching many visitors. Creativity has arisen naturally from the deep silence that has grown. Expressing itself as an Art Gallery, a publishing company, a place for regular concerts, theater, dance, music, mantra singing, poetry and other creative happenings.
С 2013 года в Украине действует коммуна, которая развивается на основе Open Sky House Hitdorf. Она расположена в дикой и умиротверенной природе Триполья, небольшой деревни возле Киева. За последние два года коммуна расширилась на общий дом, отель и красивый ретритный центр на заливе Днепра.

Since 2013 another community developed in Ukraine out of Open Sky House Hitdorf. Set in the wild and peaceful nature of Tripillya, a small village near Kiev. In the last 2 years the community has expanded into a community house, a hotel and a lovely retreat centre by the grand Dniepr river.

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